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Product Description

  • The SKB Insulated Roller Shutters are ideal for energy-saving, weatherproof, noise reduction and enhances security over grills and doors.
  • These shutters are designed to reduce dust particles, noise and direct light into an enclosed area. It is commonly used in warehouses, sites with extreme weather, commercial and residential garages, spray paint booths, shopping malls and shop fronts.
  • The insulated roller shutter can also be customised for window openings – Insulated Window Shutters.
  • It is uniquely designed for long-term durability, weather proof and sound insulation.


  • Motorised and Non-motorised (counter balance design) method of closure
  • Double walled insulated design made with steel or aluminium
  • Large openings or window size
  • Optional features include:
    • Air pressure safety bottom sensor
    • Extra upper limit safety switch
    • Typhoon rated designs
    • Wireless remote control


  • Double walled insulated steel shutter curtains are made with. The flat slat curtain is measured at Rw33 at 500Hz (31dB).
  • Double walled insulated aluminium shutter curtains are made with extruded aluminium hollow section. The flat slat curtain is measured at Rw25 at 500Hz (20dB).
  • All insulated shutter curtains are filled with 80kg/m2 of rockwool for excellent sound and heat insulation
  • Guide rails are made of aluminium section with PVC guide strips at both side of the guide with powder coated finishing.
  • Bottom Bar is made with extruded aluminium box section with PVC weather seal and fitted with 80kg/m2 of rockwool
  • Up to 8000mm (Width) x 5000mm (Height)